Overwhelmed, fatigued and feeling down?

Are you finding yourself saying, it is that time of year again? I always feel so awful. Can’t get out of my own way. The short days and dark evenings are challenging on my emotions. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Did you ever have the thought that perhaps your issues could be related to allergies? If you have asked any of these questions or had one or more of these thoughts, you could be suffering from allergies.

Fall and winter allergies can present themselves in many ways. We always think of allergies in the traditional way and never think that allergies can present themselves in the body as depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, or fatigue. They could also make you feel overwhelmed and not able to cope.

Based on Oriental medical principles, allergies are viewed from a holistic perspective. When contact is made with an allergen it causes blockages in the energy pathways, called meridians. It is viewed by the brain as a threat to the body’s well-being. This blocked energy flow is the first step in an allergic response, leading to a diminished sate of health in one or more organ systems. In energy medicine, we refer to the blockages on energy channels as allergies. To us, allergies are not always the typical IgE reactions where you have itchy watery eyes or runny nose.

An alternative to suffering or taking medication is to have the allergies eliminated. The acupressure technique that is used at Forever Healthy is very effective in eliminating allergies and has a success rate of about 95%. Removing blockages or allergies from the energy channels in the body takes the pressure off the organs or glands affected and many, if not all, of your physical symptoms will improve.

Not sure if your symptoms are allergy related. We offer allergy assessment with computerized Bioenergetic testing. This will help determine if there are any items that are causing blockages on your energy channels. For more information check us out at www.foreverhealthy.ca